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Print File  120-4UB 120 Negative Preserver (package of 100)  

Main specs

Type:  Negative Preserver

Features:  Holds twelve frames of 6x7cm 120 film. Detailed DescriptionExclusive thin b...


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Print File-120-4UB 120 Negative Preserver (package of 100)-Darkroom accessories



Negative Preserver


Holds twelve frames of 6x7cm 120 film.
Detailed Description

  • Exclusive thin backing coupled with high clarity allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives.
  • Strong continuous seams prevent negative hang up.
  • Top sheet is 3 mil and bottom sheet is 1.8 mil
  • Archival quality polyethylene - NO PVC - safe for long term storage

Dimensions: 9 5/16"W x 11 5/16"H




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